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Aldearon Healing

Aldearon Healing stands for community, connection, and communicating with others, on a more easeful, deeper level.

Our name is derived from the Portuguese word aldeia, which means village or place.


The more one acknowledges their true Soul Path and follows their Heart’s guidance, the more they can access higher insights, increased understanding, and compassion, not only towards the Self, but also for others. The variety of Aldearon energetic healing sessions, can develop more conscious awareness of one’s own behaviour and thought patterns.


​Looking at a situation from a new perspective, enables one to be in a place of observing and responding with Love. The Love frequency flows with a softness into any hardened situation and (inter)action. Combined with a deeper and stronger manifestation power from the Heart, one is capable of making new and different choices.

Examples of goals you might want to achieve: access inner peace, release stress, clear writer’s block, sleep better, have more confidence and self-esteem, create heart based relations to others.

With any healing session you may receive a guided message, along with any customised *tools, that you can easily use by yourself. *These could look like a visualisation, tips for meditation, or advice on complementary use of crystals.


The logo, a symbol was given to Samalia in a meditation with the Pleiadian Elves. It is a portal

to their Realm. You can meditate with it.


Samalia Lyara Nederlands is an ordained Merlin Vortex Practitioner since 2017, as well as a Walk-in Soul, an Intuitive Healer and Spiritual Channel. She lives in the Netherlands, and loves to meditate or take walks in Mother Nature, connecting with the Elemental Realms and Star Beings.


She channels healing energies and messages from the Angelic and Elemental Realms, the Crystal Consciousness,

Star Being Guides, Ascended Masters and Deities. Their messages offer loving guidance and support for our Earth Walk and Soul’s growth.

Samalia’s Spiritual Guides have asked her to offer a variety of healing modalities. These come from Merlin the Wizard, the Dragons, the Shambhala, and Galactic Elves, Star Beings, Mermaids and Mermen, and the beloved Past Life Angels.

​We are here as Guardians of Mother Earth, and it is important we create a better place for ourselves, as well as for generations yet to come.

This can be accomplished by taking responsibility for our personal energy, and how we choose to respond in all situations. Our personal vibration is reflected in our external environment, and energetically affects the collective consciousness, like ripples in a pond. Raising the collective energies, by raising and maintaining one's own frequency, also provides a heart based connection to Mother Nature. It shows in the way we treat the environment.

​​New here?

A lot has been written about Angels. However, there are many more Beings of Light, ready to guide us in their own unique way. Here we refer to Elementals or Nature Spirits, Star Beings or Star People, and the Crystal Skull Consciousness.

Should some of these beings be new to you, we now invite you to take three deep breaths, focus on your Heart Centre, and have a peek at what a session has to offer you.

​We hope to inspire you in finding new ways of living. It is a balanced connection between the Heart and the Higher Mind, that can initiate the change we long for in our daily lives.

​Love and Peace to You All

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