Crystal Dragon Healing

Our journey with the Dragon Skull Consciousness started in the beginning of 2016. This was only months before a transforming life event would take place. The received insights and healing were (and are) clear, deep, very loving and most welcome. It started with past lives playing out through active timelines. Since then we have connected, worked and travelled with many types of Dragons, not only in skull form but also in ethereal form. We are accomplished in healing and closing down active timelines that have a negative impact on the current life experience.

Dragons are excellent alchemists and transmuters. When you really want to shift a density and negativity that keep holding you back they will get to clear the root cause of it. Perhaps it is to a situation or just a feeling or emotion.

The process of removing layers can begin, as many of us have had many incarnations and took on beliefs and conditioning through trauma. Even ancestral lineages can energetically activate and start influencing one's current life at some point. Once we have determined the cause of it, the energy clearing and healing can begin.

The overarching purpose is always to show and lead the way to one's Soul Authenticity, in any way that translates best to you personally. At times, when you might not be able to see or know how to move forward, or which decisions are for your highest and best... Dragon consciousness is able to pinpoint it with great accuracy, then to transmute the blocks and clear your Path forward. Combined with the crystal's traits, this session will give you an uplifting boost.

This energy session is available via Skype or Zoom. You can meet us also in the Sacred Space of our Healing Room.

These 6 wonderful Crystal Dragon Skulls are ready to connect with you!

Their Divine Energy is incomparable and unforgettable

You will receive healing from one Dragon Skull of your choice, and any message and guidance they have to offer you in that moment. When not sure of which Dragon would support you best, we can tune in to guide your decision. You might want a general healing, or go for a particular topic or theme.

All you have to do is prepare for meditation, and receive...

Helira - a clear quartz Dragon

She holds the Water and Diamond Light energies

​Enoki - an amethyst Dragon

​ Sulira - a rose quartz Dragon

Waneko - a lapis lazuli Dragon

Takira - a pink ocean jasper Dragon

Takuri - a green aventurine Dragon

Crystal Dragon Healing


your options

  1. Attend our Healing Room
    Meet us in the Sacred Space of our Healing Room.

  2. Distant Session
    We will set up an online meeting for you via Skype or Zoom, at an agreed time.

    We include you in the Sacred Space created for each Session.

* 30 minutes session *

€ 45


* 60 minutes session *

€ 80

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