Galactic Elves Healing

We have been working with several Healers Teams of Galactic Elves. They have asked Samalia to channel their healing energies and support this high vibrational service with any wisdom that comes through.

At the moment the Pleiadian Elves and the Antares Elves are offering their loving and highly supportive healing for you.

Channelled message from the Pleiadian Elves

"Greetings, we are the Pleiadian Elves, the Healers Team available for these sessions. We have trained with this channel thoroughly up unto a high level.

We are all in service of the Light, aiming to help you clearing blocks, chakras, your holographic matrix, auric field intrusions from past lives and current life, ancestral lineage, and future incarnations currently active to the now moment.

We bring more balance, peace, love and overall fulfilment to ease you into the New Dawn energies more fluently.

Your life changing experiences will have a less stressful effect when one is ready to return to these healing sessions regularly, as it is with all healthy habits and maintaining them.

We bless you in Divine Love from the Heart Core of the Pleiades Star System. In Love and Light, blessed be."

The Antares energy, like every Star Nation, has specific traits.

The ones that stand out for your main support are:

  • Nurturing Love

  • Well-being is supported through better Self care, without negotiating the ego's influence.

  • Deepening connections to others (you match with), at a Soul level.

  • Changing the perspective of Self, higher insights, having overview.

The Antares Elflings have a free spirited nature, with love, fun and joy in their heart. Their energy feels peaceful and balancing.

Note that each session holds unique support for you in that moment. Never are two healings the same. Afterwards take notice of how you feel different or respond differently to outward influences as you get acquainted with the new energy in your system.

Remember, you can set a Personal Intention!

Galactic Elves Healing

your options

  1. Attend our Healing Room
    Meet us in the Sacred Space of our Healing Room.

  2. Distant Session
    We will set up an online meeting for you via Skype or Zoom, at an agreed time.

    We include you in the Sacred Space created for each Session.

​* 30 minutes *

Always clearing any density and blockages highlighted during the Session.

€ 40

* 45 minutes *

An opportunity for a Full Chakra Cleansing.

€ 60

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