Merlin Vortex Session

Experiencing and working with the Divine Energy, directed and orchestrated by Merlin, is a remarkably versatile and magical healing modality.

The multitude of energies of Light that can join, support and enhance a session are vast. It is what makes the required energetic changes so intricate and lasting. In what form this might come to assist you, is automatically adapted to your specific energy signature. In a session your energy attracts naturally what helps it further balance again. This is a Cosmic Law.


Merlin gifted us with this channelled message

"Greetings, I am Merlin the Wizard. I am also know as an Ascended Master, Magician and Seer. The Alchemy of my energy is supporting all Merlin Vortex Sessions offered via this medium, this website.

The transforming possibilities are limitless. Yet it is the awareness of this conscious healing that finds its way to the areas that require a change.

I wish you to understand that you are infinite Beings of Light. So receiving my energetic support and clearing work, is highly transmuting for blockages that are hindering you in any way.

The healing energy will be flowing through you, energising you at a deep Soul level. It is not of an essence that can be understood or grasped by the ratio. But the Heart will lead you through every process and on all Paths you wish to explore in this Earth incarnation.

The Lightwork we offer will be available for you, when you allow yourself to trust your inner guidance.

These are glorious times to look at karma and past life clearing. As your dedicated Healer, I will bring in the transformational energies. Blessed be."

Tintagel Castle ruins in Cornwall UK, is associated with King Arthur. Merlin's Cave is located at it's sheltered beach.

What possible experience you might have during a session is entirely personal, as you will be provided with energies for your Soul's highest and best. They are always created and offered in a Sacred Space where your Guide(s) are able to support your process, should that be beneficial in that moment.

You may feel cold or very warm, all following in one session. Some people fall asleep. Some feel Inner Peace, lasting for months

or longer.

Detailed information will be provided about what energetic area the healing is required. Indicated topics might be highlighted:

Auric Field Cleansing

12 Chakras System (sometimes higher)
Ancestral Lineage
Past Lives and Current Life
Divine Blueprint

Holographic Matrix
Merkaba Lightbody

Awakening Dormant Wisdom

For all options, we set up a session at an agreed time. If you are attending the Sacred Space of our Healing Room, a programmed crystal is included to support your processing and personal growth. If you book a distant session, you will receive a report afterwards in your email. Usually any channelled guidance is included.

Merlin Vortex Session

your options

  1. Attend our Healing Room
    In the Sacred Space of our Healing Room. Included is a Crystal that will be programmed
    at the end of the Session, to support your new energy level.

    € 70

  2. Distant Session
    At home, at an agreed time.
    Al you have to do is sit in a quiet moment. Afterwards you will receive a report by email on what
    issue(s) came up for you that was ready to be healed, and what it's influence and origin was. Also
    any guided message to support you might be included. All you require for Your highest and best
    will be provided for.

    € 60

  3. Live Session
    We will set up an online meeting for you via Skype or Zoom, at an agreed time.

    We include you in the Sacred Space created for each Session.

    € 50

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