Accessing Ancient Wisdom of Your Soul


“Greetings, dear Ones of the Light. I, Lady Nada come forth to help you remember the ancient wisdom of Your Soul.

All who read this be it now or at a later moment in time You are all ancient souls. You have come to Earth to complete a mission and as you wish to access these dormant codes you are ready to acknowledge this part of who you are as an infinite Being of Light.

To retrieve the available codes all you have to do is create a Sacred Space around you where you are undisturbed. Ground, clear and centre yourselves in the Heart.

Then call me in for I invite you to go on a journey to my Temple of Light. How this will look for you is deeply personal and healing. I will guide you in a cleansing meditation… take my hand, I will lead you to the entrance where a Cloak of Golden Thread is placed around you. It supports and amplifies this experience. Then the energies currently holding you in a status quo will be lifted. I bring in new codes, Divine Energy Colours of purple and blue to bless your path ahead.

Sit in stillness for a while, look around you or feel anything that attracts your attention. Maybe it is a word, a symbol, any shape, a crystal or an image. It does not have to make sense, feel with your Heart what it’s meaning is. If you require clarity about yours, just ask this channel to tune in. I will show her what it is. Adoni.”

Remember to ground again and ask for protection around you.

First published on social media 22-7-2019.

PLEASE NOTE that this offer for guidance is only up until the end of August 2019.

Photo: Library Lello, Porto, Portugal by Ivo Rainha on Unsplash

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