After the Galactic Wars

Message from the ORION HIGH COUNCIL

“We are the Collective Consciousness of the High Council of Orion. We greet you all, and send forth our emissary Sontareh to speak for us at this blessed time. Namaste.

Greetings, I am SONTAREH, an Orion Elf, on whom this great honour has been bestowed upon. As a teacher and high magician, I step forward to support and guide you in service to the Light.

We of Orion, have gone through an extensive process since the Galactic Wars. The lessons have been learnt, the wisdom and teachings well earned. This has put us in the position that we are now able to help humanity’s Starseeds ease into a more comfortable understanding of the processes you may find yourselves currently in.

This is why we have made the decision to offer our service to the ones who feel the call. We welcome you in our energies of love for Humanity. Mother Earth and ALL other living beings. We bless you with healing experiences and Light. Adoni. Be at Peace.”

Photo by Vijeshwar Datt on Unsplash

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