Ascended Masters Blessing - message from Lady Nada

“Greetings, I am Lady Nada, your guide to the next level of evolution of your soul’s ascension journey. We Ascended Masters are always prepared to guide you and show you the light on your path no matter how steep or dark it seems. Know that when it feels like this there is always help and support available for you. The one thing that is important is to ask for help. So remember this one question wherever you go and all is well.

Ascended Masters, or Spiritual Guides of Light, please assist me in letting go of detrimental thought patterns and behaviour that are not for my highest and best. Please aid me in letting go of all ego structures that are currently limiting me of clearly moving forward to collect my soul truth and my path ahead as I turn towards the Light Realms and remain in love and light at all times. Namaste.’

We will then be working on your auric field of light, your chakra system as well as your meridians and prana tube that flows through your entire being. Then we anchor the lighter energies into your light body for the New Dawn to access easier and with grace.

We are the Collective Consciousness of the Ascended Masters by voice of Lady Nada today. Adoni, we love you.”

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