Ask and Allow

“Greetings, dear Ones of the Light, I am Lady Nada. As you move forward towards the end of this year, many more changes will occur. For you not to be thrown off center, it is important and wise to keep maintaining balanced as much as possible.

As always we, Ascended Masters, are here for you to call upon, ask for guidance and support. The Light surrounds you at all times, it is only a matter of allowing it into your life even more fully.

See, envision or sense it surrounding you as a beautiful bright ball of light.

State your intention, that it clears your energies at all times and keeps the vibrations around you high and clear for as long as possible.

Then ask your Guides to come in… ask for any messages they have for you in that moment, in stillness.

Listen, sense and feel…

Even if you are not aware of it, know that at a subconscious level anything you need has been passed to you. I bless you with my Love. Namaste.”

Photo by Unknown Photographer on Unsplash

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