Beacons of Light - message from Ascended Master Lady Nada

“Greetings, I am Lady Nada, for all to behold my truth and wisdom at this time of the year. My wisdom teachings as I have been bringing them into your reality are on the brink of taking on a higher level of experiencing while they are offered.

The codes and frequencies that are flowing to you in this sacred moment will hold a new understanding of humanities conscious awareness of how to move forward mindfully and truthfully from the heart. The heart is wise, and I keep reminding you of it, as it is the ultimate wayshower of a spiritual sacred lifestyle you are all ready to embrace.

Whether you choose to take this next step or are already on this path, hold your light high for all to see. The Beacons of Light are called forward, our clarion call as Ascended Masters to you, Ascended Masters of future timelines in your linear time perspective of life on Earth.

The times are changing rapidly now; every day brings new opportunities, new challenges and new blessings to you. Be at peace, dear ones of the light. I bless you all with my unconditional love and light. Adoni."

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