Choose Love - message from Lady Nada

“Greetings beloved ones, I am Lady Nada. I will be guiding you throughout these times of great turmoil and confusion as you allow yourself the opportunity.

As many of you, only few will not be ready now, are aware of the occurrence of influencing by the dark agenda which has taken a desperate leap of trying to maintain a status quo that is dismantled in the energetic planes. The last non-complying energies and constructions that are currently brought into your Earth reality are indeed a challenge.

Yet it is up to you, dear Lightworkers to meet this situation head-on and rise to the ultimate occasion of shining your Light brightly.

As you look for ways of how this can be a work of service to others, call upon your Guides of the Light Realms! We are willing and ready to help you all to follow your own individual as well as group paths to hold space for Healing, Awareness and Choices. For it is only through the HEART dear ones, that the highest outcome of Earthly existence can and WILL manifest.

We, You and the Realms of Light are embarking upon huge clearing work that will help a clear understanding of how agenda of service to self will be, and already are deactivated.Now it us up to you to choose LOVE at all times. Be compassionate towards each other and all who are unaware of what is going on behind the thinning Veils of Illusion, dear ones.

Choose Love.

Choose Love.

Choose Love.

Adoni. I bless you all with my unconditional Love. Be at Peace. And so it is.”

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