“Greetings, dear ones of the Light. I am Lady Nada, and for the festivities ahead for most of you, I wish to speak about the energies involved. The Christmas indoctrination was never intended to take on its current form. Yet the way it is now utilised by many, is of a lower vibrational frequency than can be attained and developed in your higher dimensional future.

To be open to change and uplift the general festivities around the end of the year, it is of great importance to hold unconditional Love, great Compassion, and deep understanding towards others.

Many people are experiencing the downside of the constructed and obligatory, socially expected celebrations. These are often overlooked and ignored for the personal ego’s sake to have a false joyous event in general.

Let me explain that the more people see through this constructed illusion of false light. It is subtly woven through the true Light that is present and noticeable to all who are awake and aware. Please take a moment to tap into your Heart’s intuition, look for a new perspective and find enough discernment.

This is the way to dismantle the veil of false contorted energies holding back people from opening up to the True Light of this Christ Time festivities. Hold Your Light. Shine Your Light. Wherever you go and focus on the Heart’s Love and Peace. Leave the imprinted hollow wishes and words in the past and step up into the New Dawn.

These are glorious times to behold, dear ones. Frequently use the higher energies to create a beautiful future for yourselves, and your brothers and sisters. Love... unconditionally. I bless you all. Namaste.”

Photo by Aaron Burden

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