Detachment ~ from Lady Nada

“Greetings, dear Ones of the Light. It is a joy that I, Lady Nada connect with you this way. At this moment in your month, more changes in your societies will be revealed.

Some of the information that is put out there is deeply contorted. Some of it is speaking truth. Be aware of the old strategy of ‘divide and conquer’. For the old energies and those attached to them, not wanting change for the higher good, can be cunningly deceptive.

When feeling confused, in doubt or unsure of what to make of it, please stand back, observe and cease to take sides.

The ego’s attachment to need a stance, to judge, to label a story, is to no avail for spiritual growth. It has no meaning, in a sense that the Light has no need to judge and put a frequency, a vibration to it.

The duality of your earth experience can best be handled while standing on the sideline and not get involved. At a deeper level, your soul may choose to leave the daily drama be, and look for higher vibrations instead. Namaste. I bless you all.”

Photo by Ruthie Martin on Unsplash

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