Heart Consciousness & Ashtar ~ message from Lady Nada

Updated: Feb 16

“Greetings, dear ones of the Light. I am Lady Nada, coming forth to help you remember the vast souls on Earth that you all are. The possibilities of your souls are incomprehensible from your daily mind’s perspective. And that is why living from the heart is so important.

I wish to help you connect with your Divine Inner Heart Wisdom. So you may consider moving into alignment with your Soul Mission for the next stage of these exciting times.

The more the energies on your beloved planet are rising, the more all discordant presences and density will surface to be acknowledged. For only when they are recognised for what and who they are, you can choose to manifest clearing and healing for them.

This work will bring you great joy at a soul level because most of you currently living the Earth walk have come, being assigned pre-incarnation, to help Gaia through this process. As she has agreed to support you all on your Ascension journey.

Take some time throughout your day, on a daily base preferably, to consciously connect and tune in to Gaia’s energy. How does she feel to your? How do you feel about that? What does it trigger, and are you ready to transmute that ego response?

Clearing and healing yourselves is of the utmost importance and will have an even more necessary goal in your lives as we move further into the photon belt of your galaxy. The energies will be amplified exponentially.

Nothing what is now hidden will be able to hide any longer. Secrecy of dark agendas will no longer be permitted, as the Ashtar Command has ordained it so.

Be at peace, dear ones. I bless you all with my unconditional love and light.”

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