'Inner Peace' ~ from Lady Nada

“Greetings, dear ones of the Light. I, Lady Nada, Ascended Master and Ascension teacher will be bringing forth further guidance today.

As many of you have been wondering when life will be getting easier again I wish you to know that this can only be achieved by shifting your awareness, attention and focus into the Inner Heart. For your Heart’s perception of a situation, any situation has a different feel to how you are able to see and respond to it all. Once one has established the skill to do this it is merely a matter of maintaining being in the Heart at all times.

The more you are willing to allow yourselves this perception the more inner Peace can be felt.

Now I will not say that you can just sit on a mountain meditating all day and leave your daily work be. But, being aware of how to get into a state of inner Peace will hand you a moment to reflect, energize and strengthen your resolve to move forward.

I notice my channel has her own challenges with it at times. And I wish you all to know that you are so loved for the Light you seek to maintain. I bless you all. Namaste.”

Photo by Bart LaRue on Unsplash

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