International Women's Day 2020

Dear friends,

So I've been thinking of what International Women's Day actually means to me.

Over the years my perception on it has drastically changed. Today I'm looking back for just a moment...

From a stubborn, disappointed teenager where I felt I lacked support from other women to a certain level. Not able to see, thus ready to acknowledge the importance of this day.

To the age of a young woman with a shattered heart and dreams after the split up of a karmic relationship, looking for a new home and job.

Then 7 years ago, being labelled with a so-called chronic dis-ease, struggling with essential self-care, where I felt unsupported and ignored by institutions.

But only to find my own strength over and over again, and with it a way out of the illusion of misery.

Every time I looked, I found there is a way out. I always found clues or hints, pieces of the puzzle that is life. Call it fate, call it serendipity, but I know my Spiritual Guides never let me down. The lessons I learnt through it all, are now added to my wisdom.

To women of all ages. Never let yourselves down, so life will not let you down either. Trust your heart. Trust your knowledge. And celebrate... Never stop celebrating the life that is You!

Today I am ready, and able, to happily and proudly acknowledge my strength as a woman in this world where equality of men and women is still to achieve. Where women and men are to be complementary to each other. Where women amongst each other are looking out for their sisters in compassion and support. To hold the space for healing, lightness and joy. To grow together, men and women. Where love in our hearts will lead us back to an elevated state of consciousness in a new era, the New Dawn on Earth.

It is not important if someone is more successful than others in any way, seems brighter or richer, or has more friends than others.

What is though, is the way we treat one another.

The more we allow ourselves to love ourselves, be kind and aware of how and in what wording we think of ourselves, the easier it is to let the hurt parts of us go and embrace a life of kindness in every minute of the day towards every single living being.

This is my dream today. A better future for ourselves and new generations.

I celebrate my dreams. And I hope that all people will remember their hopes and dreams to come true somewhere in the next decades.

For I feel it is a path we can create, no matter how hard at times. We can and will persevere... if we follow our heart. Together we stand strong!

I love you all, dear hearts,

Samalia Lyara

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