Manifest Peace on Earth - Lord Maitreya

“Greetings, I am Lord Maitreya. I step forward to bless any and all who read these words. As the energies of this year of 2019 are coming to completion at the important date of December 21st, we Ascended Masters are ready to work and connect with each and every one of you on a personal level. If you feel the call in this transmission, act on it to receive the guidance you require at this time.

Moving forward onto a higher energy level of your personal Path of Ascension is now especially essential to fulfil your mission with ease and grace.

Taking this opportunity for yourself is highly beneficial and most welcomed. We will guide you forward to a next level of awareness in spiritual growth. The more of you that gather with us every day, the higher and speedier Earth’s Ascension process will proceed.

You see, taking action on a daily basis is not only beneficial for yourselves but in general highly appreciated for the collective unification process as well.

As above, so below.

As within, so without.

Remember these words as you notice how you respond and interact with your surroundings and everyone in it. It is you who manifest Peace on Earth.

Be at Peace. I bless you all. Namaste.”

Photo by Januprasad on Unsplash

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