Mission of Starseeds – Ascended Master Lady Nada

“Greetings, I am Lady Nada, ready to converse about the mission of Starseeds on planet Earth. The changes of the overall new energies this year that have been coming onto Earth so far have had a higher amount of light codes. As you are now able and prepared to embody higher knowledge within these codes of wisdom and integrate them.

However it is a matter of choice to access this information that is encrypted within these codes, be it subconsciously or consciously. Whichever level is available for your soul work at this time, each and every one of you is equally important to raise the collective vibration in unison.

This is an ordained collective mission every human reading this message has agreed upon prior to incarnation or walk-in experience.

We, Ascended Masters are guiding you to a place in your evolution where there will be a certain number of awakened people that will then accumulate the speed of mass awakening.

This does not mean per se that all will be fluffy in your daily lives, as this process will set the newly awakened fellow human beings through a process of purging old stuck energies, belief patterns, programming and conditioning.

Most of you have been through that phase or are still shifting to get to that higher inner knowingness, that place of inner peace. Whether you are already there or not, we ask you to hold the space, in higher understanding and with compassion to support these others following, just by doing so.

This will help them allowing themselves at an energetic level to grow. Even if you are not aware of this lightwork you are able to offer, it does maintain great clarity for all souls on Earth at an energetic level. Be under no illusion of how helpful and divine this intentional support is.

We thank you for joining this way. Adoni, I bless you with my unconditional love and light."

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