Navigating 2020 - Lady Nada

“Greetings, dear Ones of the Light, I am Lady Nada. This change in your years cycle will bring about glorious and wondrous exchanges and interactions between Lightworkers all over the world in a way that was never expected before. You have all contributed for it to happen in a way that serves the Light on the most heart based Path possible.

As the pieces of the puzzle fall together for each and every one of you in the blessed year of 2020, you will gradually, ever so slightly, be able to notice how the energies will build up to a more positive experience overall.

Do not assume that it will always be smooth sailing as the lessons to be learned are not always easy. Know and Trust that following your inner guidance, All Will Be Profoundly Guided, Anchored and Protected as it has always been. Be at Peace, dear Ones. I bless you All with Divine Love. Namaste.”

Photo by Bobby Burch

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