“Greetings, dear Ones of the Light. Today, I Lady Nada, step forward to talk to you about change. Changing your behaviour that no longer serves you, and even might hinder you in adapting to new healthy daily routines.

This channel has been struggling as of late with this topic. This is often so, as the ego does not want to comply to change. Even as much as you clearly understand from a higher perspective that new ways are required, they also can be a challenge when the physical body has some issues that need extra care and attention to get the job done.

Nurturing your body, treating it with love, while still be able to use the physics as they are intended and originally designed. The physical challenge many of you encounter on a daily base, are not to be just discarded and ignored.

Yet acknowledging them, without falling for the ego’s judgement calling ‘shortcomings’, is key to bring in a softness towards oneself.

This lesson can be a long one, or quick and fast. In all situations we, Ascended Masters and your Spiritual Guides, are with you along the way. Feel our love for your being, living in an incarnate body. I bless you with Divine Love. Namaste.”

Photo by Fezbot2000 on Unsplash

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