Remember Your Angelic Guides – Archangel Metatron, Angel of Ascension

Updated: Feb 16

“Greetings, I am Lord Metatron, coming forward to shed light into the darkness that many of you still find themselves in at times. We Archangels and Angels of Light are waiting to be remembered and acknowledged. We cannot guide and support you against your free will. We have to be invited by you dear ones, as such is the Cosmic Law.

We hope to reach you under dire circumstances as well as in peaceful awareness. There is always something to learn from your chosen life path and that is what we are here for, to help you on your Ascension Journey.

As long as it may seem, and as often you may fall for the illusion that you are already ascended... dive into your heart’s truth to find your personal connection to us and let us enhance your energy onto a high enough level so you can communicate with the Angelic Realms and your Guides of Light.

There is Divine Wisdom to tap into, you only have to discern how to work with us once more. Adoni. Be at peace, dear ones of the Light.”

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