Taking Responsibility ~ by Lady Nada

“Greetings, dear Ones of the Light. I, Lady Nada, step forward to introduce you to a concept that has been discarded by many of the older generations. It is how one acts versus how one feels. Especially being in a long term relation where all the romance and kind gestures have wilted long ago.

The freshness of two kindred spirits meeting and connecting in a tender moment is glorious to behold, seen from a higher dimensional perspective. The Light true Love emanates brings Light into the hearts of the people around them.

As Mother Earth expresses her Love for us and ALL living creatures, she also supports our Soul’s growth expansion. She provides the nourishing environment to help sustain our bodies. Think of apples, wood for home supplies, warmth, water to cleanse everything, and the list goes on. The friendship of an animal enables us to feel unconditionally loved, as the harshness of others often makes us feel ill.

We all have our mission, no matter how diverse, divinely guided to bring out our full potential. The gifts life has been reminding us of, often are not acknowledged. As we take on human form the moment our soul starts its journey on Earth, we lose connection. It is a long way back when we finally have grown up, clearing old belief patterns and behaviour is part of it when one wants to step on the spiritual Path.

The times ahead of us, these last months of the year are particularly beneficial to dive deeply into that process. Taking responsibility for your own life experiences is key. Know that we, Ascended Masters love you always, unconditionally.

Be at peace dear Ones. Namaste.”

Photo by Annie Theby

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