The Flow of the Universe - Lady Nada

“Greetings, dear Ones of the Light. I am Lady Nada, and with Joy in my Heart I welcome you to this message of Abundance and Prosperity. To many this is an almost alien concept, to understand these frequencies to their full potential. It is a matter of choice whether you tap into the flow of Abundance and Prosperity, or remain in the old paradigm of ‘3D’ living as you often like to call it.

It is a matter of asking for guidance, whether it be me or your guides in the higher realms and dimensions. The Flow of the Universe is omnipresent. You only have to be taught to use it once again. Ask the Universe and then clear the blocks to receiving what you so eagerly asked for.

It is a matter of time and stepping into this divine flow of energy, through which it will manifest into your lives.

It is time to start living your true and full potential the way you remember, from ancient epochs, deep in your Soul’s records. I bless you All. Be at Peace.”

Photo by Lucas Benjamin on Unsplash

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