The Great Change – message from Ascended Master Lady Nada

“Greetings, beloved ones. I am Lady Nada, your dedicated Ascended Guide. I have been waiting for a long time to start supporting you in handling times like you are now finding yourselves in. It is ordained that these changes that have started are eventually a blessing for all to behold.

The divine time was not easy to predict, and that is why prophets have guessed and error-ed at it on occasion. Many texts have been written on how and when THE GREAT CHANGE would be triggered.

Yet, usually these scrolls were misinterpreted due to the limitations of human perception in third dimensional reality. That is how all the information was stored, encrypted, to be deciphered to anyone’s best abilities.

Now, much will be revealed and acknowledged as true in a way nobody was able to before.

Know that all that requires to be revealed and healed WILL be so. In your rights as humans you deserve true Freedom and Sovereignty that has been withheld from you as a collective.

The epoch ahead will unfold in all its natural abundance, with new resources available for all. Be aware that this is a process, highly guided from the Higher Vibrational Realms with blessings to support an environmental switch that seemed impossible to create until this moment.

In these testing times, a great amount of creativity will surge this planet, Earth. The scientists will have to bend to the needs of the people, to the needs of Mother Gaia to make life as you know it sustainable. Just like many Dreamers have been envisioning it for decades.

The FLOWER CHILDREN OF THE 60’s have created a path, laid down a foundation for the new, younger generations.

Yet what is most important is, that ALL GENERATIONS must cooperate and communicate. Slay down disputed differences. Lay down your struggles of the ego mind.

You will need to cooperate, together, to get to that level your souls are so ready for.

You all hold THE DREAM OF THE GOLDEN ERA in your Soul Template. You cannot go wrong as a collective. There is no going back, ever again.

Earth life is evolving into higher vibrational frequencies, as you listen to and follow your Higher Heart’s calling.

We, Ascended Masters, are watching your progression in wonder and awe.

You are THE CHOSEN ONES, the Way-showers, the Dreamers and Creators you have been waiting for to rescue you. This concept is logical, because until now, your current Self was of course your future Self. Now that those timelines have come together, crossed, a bright future is ahead of you.

Many Guardians of Light, Galactics, Angels, and many others have been flocking around Earth space to witness these joyous shifts. It is an unprecedented event, still it takes time to settle, with all the hustle and bustle that is typical in daily life.

Understand that ALL IS WELL, dear ones.

We love you all with unconditional love and pride. Hold steadfast, for the change is at your doorsteps already. Welcome it with open arms.

Ask your Guides of Light and the Universe for support energetically. Like attracts like, so whenever your energetic signature changes so will the Universe match it into physical reality. Adoni, be at Peace. We love You.”

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