The Light Flame of Antares - Lady Nada

“Greetings, I am Lady Nada, Ascended Master and since recently Goddess of the Light Flame of Antares. I am delighted to convey my newly assigned mission. I wish to welcome you to meditate with me, visit my Ashram to work with this sacred Flame of Light on Antares. The Joy, Peace and Love you will be able to access more when working on yourself in my ashram will bring these vibrational frequencies into your daily life.

The more often you visit my Ashram of the Light Flame, the easier it is to access the energies you received there and integrate them into your 5th dimensional reality. You see, this 5D concept is often misunderstood, for it is not a physical separation in your Earth walk.

See and feel with your higher dimensional eyes and senses that 5D living is the experience and perception of your inner soul’s responses and interactions to daily expression and journey.

You are the Master Creators of your life. As a collective, gathering in meditation as well as a solitary lightworker to raise the vibrations, you can make a change in this world profoundly and peacefully for the greater good of all living sentient beings. As they all incarnated here to have an understanding of ascension work and inner connectedness: you are all one.

Namaste, dear Ones of the Light. I bless you all with my unconditional Love and Light.”

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