The Symbolism of Spider and Her Message for Us

How dreams can show us the energies that are present, to work with for manifesting change in our life.

I was always afraid of spiders, even the tiniest ones. You know... those right above your face while your childhood room is at attic level...

Over the years it lessened, just not the fear for the fat black ones between the pebbles in the driveway.

Only a couple of years ago I found the SYMBOLISM of Spider as a POWER ANIMAL.

Spider as a Weaver - like a web designer - indicates the social web WE OURSELVES CREATE, our personal NETWORK all around us, at many levels.

That same night I dreamt I, as my current self, was standing in my parents' kitchen. There was no fear when Spider in all her humongous glory showed herself, with quite a number of silvery threads throughout the space.

Then gently started to explain why and how it was time to do more healing work on my connections in the family energies.

This gave me CLARITY in many ways, insights I wasn't ready for earlier on. She indicated generally how I'd started and could progress weaving new and vaster beautiful social webs, networks.

After that moment of revelation my fear of spiders is close to non-existent. Instead I feel gratitude for this Being as part of Nature.

If you have tuned in to this story's energy, it may help you with understanding your personal relation to Spider. If not now, perhaps later on when you are ready for her teaching. Namaste.

Love and peace,


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