The Universal Paths of Creation - Ascended Master Lady Nada

“Greetings, I am Lady Nada, gladly taking this opportunity to guide you all further to a higher understanding of the Higher Realms of Light and Love.

For we Ascended Masters are the Creators of our own destiny. And so are you dear ones, the Creators of your Ascension Journey by your choices and actions you manifest each day. As the days accumulate all these actions and manifestations ultimately string together your reality and future outcomes.

So in each action that comes forth from your thoughts and beliefs, which can be limiting at times, there are seeds you plant to manifest your future timelines as far as into the next incarnation and beyond.

So, dear ones. Now you see how your thought patterns are powerful and extend their energy into the Universal Paths of Creation.

As you read this I have been bringing forth the energies surrounding you to help you expand your awareness, to understand the vastness of these concepts.

There are many Wisdom Keepers on your planet who hold this understanding and the intricate interwoven energies involved. This channel is merely one of them, and I notice her surprise as with this message, her memories of this knowledge have opened up and activated once again.

You too, dear ones, hold knowledge of concepts that are able to guide you further on your Earth Walk to fulfil your mission here in your current life.

Be at peace, dear ones of the Light. I bless you all with my Unconditional Love and Light. I am Lady Nada, to guide you forward."

Personal note

As I received this message Lady Nada showed me the infinite vastness of the beautiful universe we as Earth’s inhabitants find ourselves in.

I feel familiar and more confident to create my own future now, after having cleared and healed old conditioned belief patterns from past lives in preparation to channelling this session with Lady Nada. It is a great relief to reconnect with this soul knowledge we all have inside. We carry the codes to a brighter future within ourselves!

I hope this inspires you to find your soul’s Truth.



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