The Veil of Illusion ~ message from Lady Nada

“Greetings, I am Lady Nada, on the energies hidden from plane sight by the Veil of Illusion. In this current moment, around the 1st of November, this Veil retracts every year. It lasts until the 5th of November, when it is fully in place once again.

Many of you were able to sense the Lifting of the Veil and yet were not consciously aware of it. The next remaining days you can take notice of the subtleness with which it is restoring.

We, Ascended Masters, are always around you when you call on us. We are present and ready for you to connect with one of us, or as a collective consciousness. Start with familiarising yourself with an Ascended Master you would like to work with. The knowledge and wisdom we have to offer you is only accessible if you ask. We will not impose nor interfere because we work for the Light. So it is important to know with absolute certainty, who you are communicating with.

Clearing anything that is not part of the Light, the imposters and wannabees from the lower dimensions, is of the utmost importance before one meditates for their highest and best. Take notice during every moment of how this works for you.

More on this topic of discernment will follow. Be at Peace, dear Ones of the Light. I bless you all with Unconditional Love.”

Photo by Thư Anh

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