THE WISE ONE – Archangel Gabriel

"Greetings, dear Ones of the Light. I am Archangel Gabriel, residing in the Higher Realms to offer you support, solace and clarity. Clarity of vision. Clarity of manifesting your dreams into reality. And hope for a better future for all of humanity.

As you move into next year’s energy cycle you will become aware, more and more, of how this phase will offer opportunities and new experiences. So keep your eyes open, your awareness high to notice how you can step into these timelines of great change, Abundance and Love. For you have a choice. Every day.

You can choose to elevate your conscious thought forms and see what is presented before your feet. Or, you can take a stand, remaining in the same old same old, up to no change. But what this ultimately will bring you might be harder to wade through than take that chance on new paths that herald in a higher vibrational life. This will guide you to a reality that exudes your wildest dreams. Yet it is eminent to keep up the work of moving forward by clearing all vibrations that will hold your back.

A Wise One once said that, if he knew what was there in front of him just around the corner, he would run for it blindly without looking back, ever. Now this is a quote that will help you. This Wise One was a Tibetan monk, not famous yet his wisdom reverberates as a Light throughout the ethers, never lost.

With this, remember to speak and think like this seemingly unknown monk. Nothing is ever lost. I bless you with Divine Grace for the time ahead. Adoni.”

Photo by Nico Frey

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