Unification - message from Lady Nada

“Greetings, I am Lady Nada. I come forth to commend you all in transitioning into the new 2020 energies. For the start of this year brought quite the turmoil to many of you. Yet you mastered it to your best abilities, which is greatly helpful for clearing your path ahead deeper into the year cycle.

You are ready now to anchor higher vibrational energetic codes via your physical vessel into the Earth planes. How this will look for you is really of no importance, however understanding this process is.

The energies sent forth from the Great Central Sun that is a massive living Being of Light in the higher planes of Comic Light Realms, are diligently and profoundly lifting your dear planet Earth along with the other planetary bodies to a high level of light never accounted for in Her prior existence.

What this means is that the opportunities to experience wonders and magical progression at a soul level as well as in daily life become more apparent to you all. Keep track of and notice how the current energies feel to you. Then do this weekly, even a mental note-to-self will do, over the months as the year energies will be fully on, in the Spring you are able to feel a tremendous yet profound shift for all living beings on Earth to sense in their own body systems.

It is the Unification coming more into reality, amplifying it into everything to help you remember that indeed, you are all one.

This will be the biggest change for this 2020 year. All other shifts, astrologically or cosmically guided by the Highest Light Orders are esteemed support for the Earth and all who dwell in Her presence. Notice that my words are empowering you to stay grounded, focussed, and protected at all times. I bless you all with my unconditional love. Namaste, dear Ones of the Light. Be at peace.”

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