'You are Love'

“Greetings, dear Ones of the Light. I am Lady Nada and hold Love and wonder for you all. I hold you, cherish you and support you. You see there are many levels of Love. The Love of a mother for her child, the Love of a man for a woman. The Love of a good friend and the Divine Love of Source.

The infinite energy of Love is inseparable from your Soul. Even when at times of darkness this does not ring true to you. This illusion has been constructed to hold you back but there is always a door back to the Light.

Ask for help. Ask for guidance. Send your invocations or prayers into the Universe. It will hear your call. Answers may come in various ways you were not expecting. Be open to notice them as they can be subtle like a breeze in the air or a butterfly on your skin. Hold onto those little signs for they will guide you forward. Keep following this track of signs, be aware and focused as much as you can. And that is enough.

Accept your Path. Remember to ask. Angels are waiting to step in but they need your permission. I, Lady Nada hold you in Divine Love. Namaste."

Photo by Ryan Holloway on Unsplash

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