​​I am glad I met Samalia. I ordered a Merlin Vortex Session distantly. During the healing I was stretching for 20 minutes. A very special experience, it happened spontaneously. The spleen energy was out of balance which was treated by an Elemental Being. The energetic blockage was caused by trauma from a past life. The same week, prior to the session, a masseur also had indicated that my spleen was out of balance! Furthermore, one of the issues that was worked on was the energy of the meridians in my lower legs. This is now restored. I also received the message that it would be good for me to become more aware of and listen to the signals of my body. Samalia gave me a good exercise for it. She supports you before, during and after the session. In short, I can really recommend Samalia if you are looking for a powerful healing.


The Netherlands

I have been blessed to have experienced a Merlin Vortex Session with Samalia and Merlin. Samalia is very gifted in her healing work and aided me with past life healing and clearing karmic ties. Not only that but Samalia provided a thorough report of all the work she did. 5* feedback from myself and I am delighted to endorse her talents. 

I am also a huge fan of Samalia's channelled messages and feel extremely grateful to have connected with such an incredibly radiant and talented soul. Thank you Samalia Lyara.


United Kingdom

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