Star Nations Healing

We have been connecting, in meditative state, with several Healers Teams from different Star Races. The way they work is, each team has a leader, as well as a coach. These interdimensional healers are highly trained, more specifically in the human energetic systems.

There is no comparison to connecting with these beautiful Guides of Light. Star Races have their own general traits. Star Beings, like Human Beings, each hold their own character and specialties. They have a role, a mission to assist us on our Path of attaining higher consciousness. This ultimately leads us through our Ascension Process and into a lighter state of being then we have been able to access since ten thousands of years. They hold the knowledge and wisdom from when they went through their Ascension, ready to teach and assist us with our's with great Compassion and Unconditional Love.

Pleiadian Healing
Amazing way showers are the Pleiadians. They can help you becoming aware of your potential and inner star wisdom.


Antares Healing
The Antarians are very supportive allies in a gentle, loving manner. You might learn in what area in your life you can create more loving experiences for yourself and so much more. A specialty is healing of matters in our Heart energy.

Note that each session holds unique support for you in that moment. Every session is unique and personal. Afterwards take notice of how you feel, or may respond differently to outward influences as you get acquainted with the newly integrated energy in your system.

Remember, you can set a Personal Intention!

Star Nations Healing

your options

  1. Attend our Healing Room
    Meet us in the Sacred Space of our Healing Room.

  2. Distant Session
    We will set up an online meeting for you via Skype or Zoom, at an agreed time.

    We include you in the Sacred Space created for each Session.

* ​30 minutes *

Always clearing any density and blockages highlighted during the Session.

€ 40

* 45 minutes *

An opportunity for a Full Chakra Cleansing.

€ 60

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